X - Z E L I T



What is X-Zelit?

X-Zelit is a calcium binder and is used in the prevention of milk fever and hypocalcaemia in newly calved cows. Abnormal low calcium levels in the blood around calving is one of the major precursors for a range of production and health problems in dairy cows. X-Zelit, an innovative and natural strategy for improving transition feeding, has become very popular. The strategy is based on the concept of low calcium supply to dry cows. With less calcium available from the feed, the cow will adjust her hormones to the low-calcium environment condition and begin mobilising calcium from her own bones. In other words, the cow's natural defence mechanism for preventing hypocalcaemia is activated, making her able to use calcium from her bones and in that way maintain the calcium at a natural level around calving.


Importantly, X-Zelit is palatable! Contrary to using unpalatable and bitter tasting anionic salts, based on practical farm results and findings, feed intake can be maintained using X-Zelit at the recommended level.


Importance of a good start to lactation...

One of the most important factors for providing a good start to lactation is the calcium level around calving. Research has shown that decreased blood calcium levels (less than 2.2 mmol/L) is associated with increased risks of other metabolic diseases such as displaced abomasum, lower milk yield and a reduced reproductive performance. Calcium levels are also also important for muscle function, rumen mobility, ease of calving and importantly immune function. A healthy calcium status will also contribute to lower udder infection rates, less uterus infections and limit secondary health conditions such as ketosis and LDA's. Overall, a healthy blood calcium balance is critical to ensure the best start to lactation and therefore higher productivity in both milk solids and volume.

Directions for use

500 g of X-Zelit per cow daily the last 2 weeks prior to calving.

Include X-Zelit into a grain mix or pellet or alternatively mix into TMR.

X-Zelit is a calcium binder so there is no need to restrict pasture intake or other high potassium forages.

DO NOT feed to lactating animals.

DO NOT feed in conjunction with DCAD diets. 

Every farm has different feeding systems. Contact us for assistance in using X-Zelit on your farm if required.